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Visible Assets, Inc. sells high security, wireless asset visibility networks (see Three-Layer Security) based on RuBee. RuBee, an alternative to RFID, is a packet based wireless technology. RuBee is magnetic, not RF, so it works on steel and in water. It was designed for high security, high human safety, high intrinsic safety, low EMI, and EMC asset visibility in harsh environments.

Our unique RuBee Three-Layer Security solution
made clear in about minute and half....

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RuBee, IEEE 1902.1
Wireless Asset Visibility

RuBee is not RFID
RuBee uses magnetic signals

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RuBee works on steel
and underwater

RuBee is secure - no tempest,
target or eavesdropping risk

RuBee is intrinsically
safe on explosives

RuBee Three-Layer Security

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Smart "RuBee Racks"
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Automated Asset Inventory
1. Accurate Real-Time Audits
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The "gRap"

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Issuance Check In/Out

2. User Accountability

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Automated Exit Entry Detection
3. Absolute Perimeter Security
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RuBee Three-Layer Security

* RuBee Smart Racks
Accurate Real-Time Audits
* RuBee Issuance Station
User Accountability
* RuBee DoorGuard
Absolute Perimeter Security



After an extensive five-year study of wireless Auto-ID technologies (RFID, ZigBee, WiFi, UWB, Bluetooth) a recently published Department of Energy Report concludes:
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RuBee is the only wireless technology that is secure, and has no Tempest, Target or Eavesdropping risk;
RuBee is the only wireless technology that is safe near and on explosives with a zero foot (0') Safe Separation Distance (SSD);
RuBee is the only wireless technology that provides 100% readability in harsh environments, not blocked by steel or liquids.
Learn about RuBee based security and visibility solutions by clicking on 20/20 Products tab above for armory management, weapon shot counting, sensitive item store security, server room security. We provide sensitive item Visibility, Security, Diagnostic Sensors, and Secure Authentication.

RuBee is an international standard, IEEE 1902.1. RuBee wireless tags can meet MIL STD 810G, have a typical battery life of 5-15 years, with a range of a few inches to over 50 feet, work on steel and in liquids, have an optional CPU with static memory (up to 5 Kbytes) and optional sensors (see RuBee Hardware)

DoorGuard xP - Just Introduced - Easy to Install, Exit Entry Asset Detection and Security. (see
DoorGuard xP for details)

DoorGuard - Live Demo, Smart Portals Provide Exit Entry Asset Detection and Security. RuBee Does What Other Auto-ID Wireless Technologies Can't Do.

DoorGuard Video Demo - Video demonstration of a RuBee Portal Platform, (RP2) configured with two antennas to detect illegal assets entering or exiting a high security facility.

Armory 20/20 Video - Smart Racks with Oracle Based Systems. RuBee Does What Other Auto-ID Wireless Technologies Can't Do.

Armory 20/20 Video Demo - Video demonstration of a visible RuBee weapons rack. armory 20/20 a web enabled application,  with RuBee enabled smart racks and RuBee enabled weapons. Armory 20/20 provides full armory visibility, with audit trails. Weapons tags may have optional sensors for shot counting and  advanced waveform diagnostics for optimized maintenance of small arms.

RuBee Works on Steel Underwater
RuBee Does What Other Auto-ID Wireless Technologies Can't Do.

Impossible Technology Demo - Video shows a RuBee Tag attached to a steel I-Beam, underwater. RuBee readers can read Tag though steel and water at same time.